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MULTITECH Cane Juice Clarifier

Cane Juice clarifier with in-built features

The new improved design of MULTITECH Cane Juice Clarifier settles juice at a faster rate and has sufficient volume to handle refractory juices, achieving maximum juice clarity and optimum density of underflow. The Drive head is ruggedly designed and is maintenance free.

The Clarifiers are manufactured in different sizes to suit specific requirement from 4.27M (14 feet) to 12.2M (40 feet) diameter, capacity ranging from 800 HL to 8000 HL.

Salient Features
Each Chamber is 1.5M (5 feet) high convenient for cleaning and maintenance.
Improved design for clearer & brighter juice with facility for operating Clarifier partially full to accommodate plant capacity at all levels of crushing.
Effective mud seal arrangement to prevent mixing of settled mud with clear juice.
Complete auto dosing systme for flocculants.
Provission for variable speed possible.
The Clarifier can be supplied with 5,4 or 3 chambers or 4 chambers clarifier with independen operation from 4 the Chamber and 3rd Chamber as well.



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