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MULTITECH Rotary screen

Rotary screen offers, Continuous juice screening effected on a wedge type screen fitted on a cylindrical drum mounted in horizontal position with appropriate slope  toward   non-drive end.. The dynamic movement of screen allows utilization of smaller size wedge bar opening for removal of even the smallest bagacilloparticle from mill juice. The diameter, the length of the screen, the speed of the rotating screen and its inclination are such designed that the projectile formed by the solids remaining on the screen facilitates complete drainage of juice. The direction of rotation of screen is such decided that maximum juice is removed in the first 30% section of the screen and the balance de-watering takes place in the remaining 70% of screening area. As a standard accessory, special design feature of cleaning the screen periodically by automatic application of hot water through flat cone nozzle ensures clean screen surface throughout the operation period


Operation .

The feed i.emill  rawjuice containing suspended solid particles comprising fine bagacillo particles enters continuously from drive end of the drum through a distributor ,the screened juice is collected in the slopping half cylindrical shape trough for quick removal  of strained juice to strained juice receiving tank without causing any stagnancy which otherwise may provide a home forLeuconostic growth . The solid mass keeps on rolling on  the wedge bar screen and during its  movement towards non-drive end the  remaining juice is also  screened away leaving the solid mass on the screen which is  discharged in the factories existing screw conveyor for onward transferring  ,

Advantages of our  Design:

Our Rotary Drum is of Modular  foldabledesign , wherein you can change individual/single screen   

Segment in future whenever it needs to be changed, no need to change complete Rotary Drum/Screen


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