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MULTITECH Cane Mud Filter

More than 100 installations in india & Overseas

Rotary Vacuum Filter with added Advantages
MULTITECH Rotary Vacuum Drum Filter with Anti-run Back Design has a rugged construction and is specially designed for the sugar industry. The filter drum of stainless stell construction is sugar industry. The filter drum of stainless steel construction is equipped with stainless steel deckings/ polypropylene open lattice grids, floating segemented scrapper, heavy dut agitator and efficient lubrication system. The automatic value can be adjusted to create higher vacuum in the washing zone for discharge of dry cake. Segmented floating scrapper is provided for proper cake removal with minimum screen wear. The filters are manufactured in 2.44 m (8 feet) dia. to 4.27 M(14 feet) dia. with lengths to suit customer requirements.

Built-in advantages

  • Lower poll loss , increased sugar recovery.
  • Efficient cake wasing reduces wash water requirement.
  • Quick filter cycle for reduced inversion of sugar and increased throughput.
  • Automatic continuous operation and cleaner filter station
  • Odourless and disposable filter cake.
  • Uniform filter cake enabling reliable sampling.
  • properly selected accessories & increases over all efficiency of the filter station.



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